Willies Revelation

Gen's Way-High Willie x Bit Afire 

Willies Revelation (a.k.a. Ernest) is a gorgeous, 15.1 hand black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding foaled 3/04/07. He has experience on the trails as well as in the show ring, is naturally well gaited, and would be suitable for anyone looking for a horse that they can take on trail rides as well as to the shows.
Sired by the sensational Gen's Way-High Willie, Ernest is out of a direct daughter of The Pusher C.G. who is out of a mare by The Super Stock - it is easy to see where he gets his class! There are 5 World Grand Champions visible on his papers. Campaigned successfully himself as a yearling, Ernest is out of the same dam as the highly successful I'm Caroline Kennedy. 

Ernest has a naturally 4-beat gait with not the slightest hint of a pace. He moves out in a big, bold, head-shaking, long-striding running walk, and can absolutely fly when he is pushed to rack, with animation in either gait. 

Ernest has ridden down miles of trails, and has been everywhere from back in the brush, to wide open fields (yes, even those with the big scary round bales of hay!), to riding side-by-side with semis and motorcycles on the highway. He rides in the front, middle, or back of the pack, gets along well on rides, in the pasture, or anywhere else with other horses, and, best of all, he never seems to wear out. Always mild mannered and responsive to commands, he can go on and on down the trails all day long without needing a spur. He also has just the right mindset we want in our trail horses - he is very level-headed and will tackle obstacles on the trail such as jumping over a log, trekking through mud and water, or crossing ditches with no fuss.

If you are looking for your next super nice, life long trail buddy or show horse, this talented horse is certainly worth a closer look! Come by and try Ernest out, you won't be disappointed. 




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