A Trace of Moonlight x Buck's Velvet Lady
WOW is about all you can say regarding this guy! He has all the chrome you could ask for on top of being a gorgeous, rich golden buckskin color. His sire is A Trace of Moonlight, one of the premier overo stallions in the breed, and his dam is a daughter of the leading perlino sire Buck's Agouti Man by The Buck Starts Here. This colt is one of just two frame overo buckskin colts in the entire TWH breed!! Besides that, you cannot ask for a better build, disposition, or natural gait than this colt has. He is truly a showstopper, and everything a TWH should be. We look for him to become even more spectacular as he grows. This guy is truly the total package, and is as unique as they come - you won't find another quite like him anywhere else. He was bred to be a natural going pleasure horse, but is also a stallion prospect deluxe. 
To those looking to breed overo's, don't settle one a plain black, red, or bay etc. overo, who gives you only a 50% shot at color with each breeding. Being buckskin on top of overo, Tristan offers a 75% chance at a colored foal out of plain black, bay, or red mares. Since you cannot get a homozygous overo (they are lethal whites), you won't find a better option to increase your odds of a colored up foal when breeding for the overo gene, without sacrificing the overo pattern by throwing other patterns (like tobiano or sabino) into the mix.


June 17, 2014:

May 30, 2014:

May 10, 2014:

May 5, 2014:

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