The Chocolate Factory
Pusher's Apache Man x Sunday Morning Way
We are very excited about this new addition to our stallion lineup. This young colt is a stallion prospect deluxe - a silver dapple sabino tested to be homozygous for both black and silver dapple! His genetics read EE ZZ nSB1. Bred to any "plain" colored mare he will produce 100% silver dapple foals, with a 50% chance per foal of passing on the sabino gene also. Silver dapple is one of the rarest and most gorgeous colors in the TWH breed and we are excited to have a breeding horse who will consistently produce it. 
This guy comes from the most well known silver lines in the TWH. His sire is the gorgeous Pusher's Apache Man, and his dam is a daughter of the equally gorgeous Silver Way. He also carries the bloodlines of Clayton's Kawliga and Ivory Man, not to mention The Pusher C.G. top and bottom. 
This colt is well-balanced, smoothly put together, and naturally gaited at liberty in the pasture. He has the puppy-dog temperament the breed is known for. What more could you ask for? We cannot wait to breed this colt to a select few of our own mares in 2016.


September 7, 2014:

Pusher's Apache Man - sire of The Chocolate Factory

Sunday Morning Way - dam of The Chocolate Factory