Sired by General Hector

(foals listed most recent first)

Black Tobiano (homozygous!) blue eyed filly out of Dottie Blue Eyes - foaled June 6, 2014

Black Tobiano filly out of High Society Doll - foaled May 2014
owned by Larry Young in GA

Classic Champagne Tobiano colt out of Confederate Girl - foaled April 19, 2014
owned by Martin Wingenfeld in Germany

Black Tobiano filly out of Shehasta - foaled April 18, 2014

General Remedy
Black Tobiano filly out of Bum A Ride - foaled April 6, 2014
Owned by Kellie in FL

Black Tobiano colt out of Lady Luck's Parade - foaled April 4, 2014
Owned by Lisa in TN

Black Homozygous Tobiano colt out of Pushers Star Storm T.R. - foaled October 15, 2013

Black Medicine Hat Tobiano colt out of Jazzs Precious - foaled Octobber 6, 2013
For Sale!!

Jade River
Black Tobiano/Sabino filly out of WC/RWGC Lady Jazzy Cash - foaled October 3, 2013

Hector's Double Dip and Trixie's Double Take - aka Twix and Dove - the twins!!!
out of Becky's Golden Trixie J.S. - foaled September 16, 2013

Black tobiano stud colt out of Motown's Devil Woman - owned by David in TN

"Hammy" - Buckskin tobiano stud colt out of Buck's Velvet Lady, foaled May 7, 2013

Black and white tobiano out of Battle's Push Up - stud colt owned by The Magical Meadows, IN

Hector Zeroni - smoky black homozygous tobiano stud colt out of Simply Stellar GGF

Black and white Filly - Black Tobiano filly out of Black Widow USA (direct Poison mare), foaled April 20, 2013
Owned by Brooke Burgess

General McCormick - Black tobiano stud colt out of Mac's Mad Lady - like his sire he is homozygous for black and tobiano! Foaled 4/17/2013

Buckskin Stud Colt - Buckskin homozygous tobiano stud colt out of My Colors Are CountryGold - foaled 4/6/2013

Caper's Rose Stud Colt - Black tobiano stud colt born Valentine's Day 2013, out of Caper's Rose
Owned by Angela in FL

A Spot of Jazz - Black tobiano stud colt out of Jazzs Precious - full sister to 2007 WGC Master of Jazz, foaled October 2012

Fancy White Boy - Black tobiano/sabino stud colt out of The Color of Pride - a full sister to Patches of Pride, foaled October 2012
For Sale!!

Hector Berlioz - Black tobiano stud colt out of Music Row - a direct Motown Magic daughter, foaled October 2012

For Sale!!

Genette - Black tobiano/sabino filly out of Chromette, our direct Pusher daughter, foaled October 2012


Miss General Sky - black and white filly foaled 6/11/12, out of Ryder's Lady Eldorado. Owned by Buddy Morrison, McMinnville, TN
(this filly has 2 solid blue eyes!!)

Bodacious Widowmaker - black tobiano stud colt foaled 4/30/2012 out of Black Widow USA (direct Poison mare) - owned by Brooke Burgess

Gen's Pistol Annie 
black tobiano filly  foaled 4/28/2012, out of The Lady of Express (a Pride's Stormy Night granddaughter). Owned by Hannah Carrick, Shelbyville, TN

"Sadie" - black tobiano filly out of Shehasta - foaled 4/15/2012

Black/White Tobiano/Splash filly foaled 10/11/11 out of Alen's Shaker Lady

An Autumn Rose - "Melanie"
Black/White Tobiano/Splash filly foaled 10/02/2011 out of Caper's Rose

The Georgia General - Bay/White Tobiano/Splash stud colt, out of Dottie Blue Eyes. (DNA Tested homozygous tobiano). Go to his page to see more pictures!

Hector's Magic Trick
Bay/White Tobiano/Splash filly, out of a solid bay gaited grade mare. Owned by Eddie Gwartney & family, Hendersonville, TN.

(pictured at 4 months old...almost as tall as her dam, who is a solid 15.1hh!!!)

So What Tha'Hec
Black/White Tobiano colt, out of Unscrupulous, a solid chestnut direct Prides Generator mare. Owned by James Hammonds & family in Alabama.

Miss Emma's Girl
Black/White Tobiano filly out of Miss Magnolia, a chestnut Gen's Major General daughter. Owned by James Hammonds & family in Alabama.

Tennessee Easter Candy 
Black/White Tobiano/Splash filly foaled 4/24/2011, out of a solid black Just Black Magic mare. Owned by Brooke Burgess of Manchester, TN.

1 month old:

Black/White tovero (tobiano + splash) stud colt foaled 3/3/2011, out of Ebony and Ivory's Charm:
(DNA tested homozygous tobiano!!) Go to his page for more pics.

Spirit of Independence
Bay/White tovero (tobiano + splash) stud colt foaled 7/4/2010, out of Chesapeake Bay B.
Sold in-utero with his dam to Mary of Minnesota

Immortal General 

Black/white tovero (tobiano + splash) stud colt foaled 5/23/2010, out of Immortal Ritz