Savannah Slim's Wolf Tracker
"Scout" is a super sharp, 7 year old SSHBEA registered black and white gelding. Standing 15hh, he is one of the most easygoing horses you could find. He is easy to catch, and easy to handle from the saddle or the ground. Scout is great with kids, rides double and/or bareback, and is easy to handle enough for any beginner to ride. He is not lazy and keeps up on any trail ride without his rider needing a spur or even to keep their heel on him. Scout has a super smooth 4-beat gait and will also canter. He has been shown and thinks he is a show horse - he rides with his head held high and his ears forward. He is the perfect horse for anyone looking for something they can have a blast with on the trails all week then take to shows on the weekends. He's the type of horse that is the same every time you take him out, no matter if it's been a week or a day since he was last ridden. He is also safe and calm at horse shows, nothing bothers him. A testament to his good disposition and smooth gaits, he not only shows in the typical country/trail pleasure classes but has won at Dollar Bareback, a 3-gaited bareback class where the rider tries to keep a dollar under their leg! Scout is a beautiful, safe and most of all fun horse - you don't find this type of horse offered for sale very often.  


"Dollar Bareback" class winner - Lewisburg Country Boy Horse Show - June 2012

View videos of Scout below: