Golden Cream - Pally Wally Doodle, by Fluid Gold
Regulator is an exceptional stallion with unique color genetics. He is homozygous for the cream gene, meaning he is guaranteed to throw a cream dilute foal every time. However, what really makes this horse stand out is that he also carries the champagne gene. This combination is known as cremello champagne or double cream champagne, and is very rare. With these genetics, Regulator is only able to produce cream dilutes 
(palomino, buckskin, or smoky black) or cream champagnes (classic cream, gold cream, or amber cream) out of non-dilute mares. Please go here to read more about this rare color combination:

Aside from guaranteeing awesome color, Regulator has conformation and a sweet, laid-back disposition that are out of this world, and has already proven himself to be a fantastic producer of colorful, sensible, naturally gaited offspring. We own two of his offspring, Confederate Girl and Regulator's Johnny Reb, and they are the epitome of what one looks for in a trail mount. They are tall with excellent substance, beautiful and correct conformation, long striding correct running walk gaits, and laid-back, eager-to-please dispositions.

Regulator's pedigree is chock full of noted horses. His champagne comes directly from the Hall Allen Jr. champagne line on the top side of his pedigree, along with Faye's Solid Gold (son of Hall Allen, Jr.), and Ebony Masterpiece. His dam is a direct daughter of Fluid Gold, who is a full brother to the renowned breeding stallions Royal Ivory and Hank Williams. He also has Bud England, Pride's Favorite, and Ebony's Senator on the bottom side of his papers. Additionally, he has 2 lines that trace back to Midnight Mack K and a third line back to Ebony Masterpiece yet again.

If you're looking for a tall, well-made cremello or champagne stallion with an extremely correct natural gait and outstanding conformation that he has already proven he is able to pass on to his foals, Regulator is the one!

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enjoying a nice roll after a ride:

more info including videos, pedigree, and foal pics/videos coming soon...