Pushers Star Storm TR
Black Star Pusher x Storm Clouds Flashy Girl
"Stormy" is adorable, athletic, homozygous black / homozygous tobiano, and a super gait all in one little 14.2hh package! Don't let the size fool you, however; this little mare is all heart. Stormy is what we call "super gaited", a term that to us means she doesn't know how to do anything but gait! Really, all you will ever see her doing is a 4 beat gait - in the pasture or under saddle. She can walk and shake or rack and fly.
Stormy is also extremely athletic; she loves to canter and is quite versatile. She's also extremely intelligent. This little mare might make quite the SSHBEA Sport Horse or TWHBEA Versatility horse someday in the not-too-distant future.
Did we mention she's homozygous? That is truly the icing on the cake. Stormy is DNA tested EE TT (homozygous for both black and tobiano), and comes from some of the best spotted blood in the breed, with names such as Colors Pusher Tuff, Paint the Town, Ace's Witch Doctor, and In Living Color - as well as The Pusher C.G., x2 - on her papers.
Currently Stormy is in foal to Knievals Pushin Starbucks for a March 2015 foal that will be buckskin and white, guaranteed, and could also be homozygous tobiano! 


 May 25, 2014:


View a video of Stormy below: