Pusher's Open Season
Kelo's Ice Pusher x Chyanne Babe
"Critter" is an extremely handsome, BIG tobiano/sabino SSHBEA registered stud colt foaled 04/04/2012. He is sired by Kelo's Ice Pusher, who is a Pusher/Generator bred TWH stallion, and out of a foundation (Tony W.) bred SSH mare. Critter's conformation is excellent - he has a sloped shoulder, rounded hindquarter with a strong hip, and a beautiful long neck. He is a picture to look at, and a big, strapping colt. If he is this handsome now, imagine what he will look like as a mature gelding or stallion.
Critter has been handled extensively on the ground, and will lead, tie, load, bathe, allow all four legs to be handled, and has been trained over the trail obstacle course. He will step up on a stump, cross a tarp, ground poles, walk over a teeter totter, and jump in hand. In the field, Critter exhibits a natural 4-beat walking saddle gait. 
Since he is a tobiano/sabino, if he is left intact, Critter will produce color 100% of the time, even out of solid mares. Either the tobiano or sabino gene will be passed to each of his offspring.
Whether gelded or left a stallion, Critter is an exceptional colt with a ton of potential. He is well worth the asking price.


October 13, 2012:

August 7, 2012: