Strawberries N' Creme

Pusher's Easy Breeze x Chesapeake Bay B

Flaxen Chestnut Sabino filly foaled 7/10/09 

This filly is an adorable chestnut sabino who is all chromed out, not only with plenty of white trim but with loads of sabino roaning, and a stunning, full, flaxen mane/tail. She is sired by our TWHBEA spotted stallion, Pusher's Easy Breeze, and out of our registered Chincoteague Pony mare, Chesapeake Bay B, who is a bay pinto. "Strawberry" is naturally gaited, super intelligent, and has absolutely outstanding conformation. She is registered ID SSHBEA, and is also eligible for registry with NSSHA, RHBA, Half-Chincoteague, and several gaited pony associations. We expect Strawberry to mature at around 14 hands, a good-sized gaited pony. This girl has the natural 4 beat Walking Horse gait and should be a really smooth ride! 

Strawberry parks out like an absolute pro with no hand/feet aids from you on her body. Just tell her to park with the halter and she stretches until you tell her to stop! She also has been worked over trail obstacles, on clipping, bathing, tying, loading, has had her hooves trimmed and has had her first sets of shots. She follows you around in the yard like a puppy dog. She is full of personality and will make an outstanding horse, especially for a child.

Whoever gets this little girl is going to have a real treasure - Strawberry is being trained and taught all of her "foal lessons" (lead, load, park out, stand on a stump, walk over/drag a tarp, pony alongside momma, etc.) by - who else - Virginia! Chessie is Virginia's pony, so it's only fitting that her foal would be Virginia's too. This is the first horse Virginia has had the opportunity to raise and train up from scratch, and she's doing an outstanding job so far, being overseen by our head trainer, her older sister, Margaret (pictured below holding Strawberry when she was 1 day old). 

SOLD - congrats to Margaret Price in Martin, TN! 

at 9 months old:

At 2 months:

<= With Mom

With Dad=>



Photos below taken @ 1 day old


View a video of Strawberry below:


View Strawberry's pedigree below (click to enlarge):