Pusher's Easy Breeze

WGC Pusher's Secret Weapon x Alen's Delightful Breeze


Pusher's Easy Breeze, aka Easy, is a 15.3 hand high, 3 year old black/white tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He is registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA and is eligible to be registered NSSHA and RHBA as well. Easy has the most natural gait you will ever ride - whether you put a snaffle or shank bit on him, whether you ride him bareback or western, on a loose rein or a tight rein, he will always do a head-nodding running walk. He can rack if you push him up into the bridle, but when given his choice he likes to walk. Easy is barefoot and has only ever been keg shod. He has been trail ridden extensively, up and down steep hills, through creeks, over logs, through mud and puddles, you name it, he's done it. This boy has never spooked at a thing in his life - he is one of very few horses we feel safe labeling "bombproof." Aside from his trail experience, Easy has been shown in SSHBEA gaited classes and came in the ribbons every time. He is very calm when going places, he loads right up on a trailer and stands quietly, no nervous pawing, whinnying, etc., and when you get to your destination, he unloads off the trailer and behaves exactly the same as he does at home. He has even been used to carry the flags at the opening ceremonies of several SSHBEA shows, including the Mid Season Classic and Fall World Grand Championship.

Aside from all his trail experience, Easy has been trained for versatility. He jumps up to 3', gaits nicely around barrels and poles, and is very good at his trail obstacles. He can back a figure 8 through cones, turn on the haunches/forehand, turn 360 degrees on a platform, go over a catwalk, side pass, open a gate, check the mail, and step his front feet on a stump. You can compete this horse at SSHBEA Sport Horse or TWHBEA Versatility and do well.

Easy has a unique, flashy spot pattern, excellent conformation, and a lot of presence. His right eye is clear baby blue. He should mature at 16 hands or maybe even more.

Easy's pedigree is also noteworthy. His sire is the 2004 SSHBEA Open Shod World Grand Champion, Pusher's Secret Weapon. His dam is a direct Spotted Alen Again mare. In addition Easy has WGC Alen's Lethal Weapon, WGC Delight of Pride, WGC The Pusher C.G., WGC Ebony Masterpiece, WGC Triple threat, Pride of Midnight, and Threat's Delta Doll on his papers. Threat's Delta Doll is noteworthy because she produced the dam of succesful padded show horse and popular breeding stallion, Pushover's Powerstroke.

This horse would be great for anyone looking for a very nice trail or show horse.











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