Prowler's Fancy Yancy
Shamrocks Shining Beam x Prowler's Flashy Chance
"Nancy" is an absolutely stunning blue-eyed black and white 10 year old mare, registered SSHBEA. Standing 15hh at the withers, Nancy has exceptional conformation and is just a picture to look at. She is smooth as silk to ride, and is a truly exceptional trail horse. Nothing bothers her on the trail and she will cross any creek bed, any mud puddle, or other sticky spot you may find yourself in. She also lopes beautifully, and stops/starts on a dime. She neck reins like a working cow horse, too. If you want something that looks and gaits like a Saddle Horse but rides more like a fine tuned sports car, here she is. Nancy is not for a beginner due to her motor and how highly responsive she is. I (Sara, the web master) have ridden this mare, and she is as much fun as a seasoned rider could ask for!
Virginia & Nancy: Lewisburg Country Boy Show Dollar Bareback winners
View a video of Nancy below: