Pedigree for She's a Night Witch 2013 foal

Knieval's Pushin Starbucks

Knieval's Pusher Man

Pusher's Gold Man L.T.

Gold Dust's Label

Pusher's Roan Lady

Knieval's Pushy Lady

Spirit of Evil Knieval

Pushin Delight

Starbuck's Main Lady HA

Enchanted Ivory Knight

Stev Gold Mountin

Ace's Enchanted Dawn

Major's Main Girl

Major's Last Son

Ebony's Black Bird

She's A Night Witch

WGC The Black Night Shade


WGC The Pushover

Heart 109

Final's Call Girl

WGC Pride's Final Edition

Mac's Sweet Thing

Bionic's Dixie Belle

Bionic's Super Star

Bionic Man

Delight's Gypsy Rose

Whittlin Dixie

WGC Sensational Shadow

Midnight Mary Kate