Pedigree for Mac's Mad Lady 2013 foal

General Hector

WGC Colors in General

Gen.'s Major General

Prides Generator

Delight's Lucky Charm

Patches Painted Lady

Paint's Rooster

Patches Shadow

WC Generators Winning Colors

Prides Generator

Pride of Midnight H.F.

H.F. Spirit's Nell

Foxfire's Jasmine

Paint the Town

Patsy's Nancy

Mac's Mad Lady

Mac's March Madness

Eb's Super Mac

Ebony's Beta Max

Yum Yum

Feisty Britches

Shadow's Spotted Alen

Raspberry Baby

Ebony's Night Lady

Ebony's Night Hawk

WGC Ebony Masterpiece

Ike's Sweet Sue

Johnny's Black Lady


Sunset Secretary