Cream Queen

 Magic Shades o' Gold x Shoot Yeah

Cream Queen is a full sister to I'm Elle Woods. She is a friendly, energetic, well made cremello. She has WGC Shades of Carbon, WGC Trip My Trigger, WGC Go Boy's Royal Heir, and the great Prides Generator on her papers, and the influence of many more great horses such as WGC Triple Threat, WGC Merry Go Boy, WGC Mack K's Handshaker, WGC GLL's Carbon Copy, The Entertainer, and Pride's Citation. Cream Queen was imprinted at birth and already knows how to lead, tie, clip, load, bathe, do trail obstacles, and park out. She is registered and DNA'd with the TWHBEA, and has been shown and placed in the top 5 in the Amateur Weanling class at this year's National Trainers' Show! This gorgeous filly has an awesome, natural gait - I have never seen her pace or trot. She follows her momma around in a 4 beat, loose striding, head nodding walk, or a nice, 4-beat rack, depending on mom's speed. She just never breaks from her four beats, she is going to make an outstanding, smooth, beautiful trail horse, or use her for breeding and you will not get anything but a dilute foal! She will produce palominos every time when bred to a sorrel or chestnut, a buckskin, smoky black or palomino when bred to bays, a palomino or cremello when bred to palominos, smoky black or palomino when bred to black, cremello when bred to cremello, perlino or cremello when bred to perlino, buckskin, cremello, palomino, smoky black, smoky cream or perlino when bred to a buckskin, and of course all those colors can come in spots or roan if she is bred to the right stallion. The point is, you will NOT get an ordinarily colored foal when you breed this filly, no matter what she is bred to. Aside from her awesome genetics, she has everything else you look to breed for - pedigree, gait, conformation and temperament. These things work out just as well for a trail or show horse, so you can't go wrong with this awesome filly. If you come by and see her you will fall in love with her super sweet personality and her gorgeous looks.