Senorita Lolita

WGC The Coach x Copy's Glowing Delight, by WGC GLL's Carbon Copy

"Lola" is a beautiful black filly with the perfect touch of chrome. She is sired by 2010 WGC The Coach, a son of the legendary sire The Skywatch. What truly stands out about this filly, however - aside from her quality, that is - is the bottom side of her pedigree. Her dam is a direct daughter of 1964 WGC GLL's Carbon Copy, and the rest of her maternal pedigree is equally as old. Lola's second dam is a daughter of Mr. Glo B., a World Champion show horse from the 60's, and her 3rd dam is by 1963 WGC Sun's Delight D. 
This unique combination of today's best modern show lines on the top and yesterday's champions on the bottom, makes for a truly one-of-a-kind pedigree. This filly is the only Coach offspring out of a Carbon Copy mare in the world, and surely one of the very last direct granddaughters of Carbon Copy.

While Lola's pedigree is unique, the cross of bloodlines here even more importantly works. Lola is long striding, especially in her hind end, and has a phenomenal gait loose in the pasture and under saddle. Crossing the very lateral-going, swingy movement of The Coach with the more square and natural movement people saw decades ago in the '60's has created the ultimate natural and correct moving Walking Horse, without sacrificing stride. Lola is making a particularly outstanding flat shod horse because of this. Already she has won numerous blue ribbons in the country pleasure division. She has also been shown and won in model.
"Lola" has been handled since birth and is easy to work with; leads, ties, loads, clips, parks out, etc. She has been shown in country pleasure and model divisions and won at both. On the trails Lola has proven to be very non-spooky, surefooted, and willing.

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September 12, 2011 - just weaned!

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huge stride, caught at the wrong moment!

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