I'm Elle Woods


"Elle" is a remarkable horse. Sired by a cremello stallion and out of a golden dapple palomino mare, Elle not only has color but pedigree to boot. Her dam is a direct daughter of multi-WGC and WC Trip My Trigger. Elle has influences from great horses like Pride's Generator (top and bottom), WGC GLL's Carbon Copy, WGC Merry Go Boy, WGC Triple Threat (top & bottom), and The Entertainer. WGC Go Boy's Royal Heir and WGC Shades of Carbon both appear on her papers. She was bred to be a beautiful, naturally gaited horse and that is what she is. She walks all around in a full-out striding, shaking, head-nodding running walk already, and when she wants to pick it up she can really rack! Elle is very well-built, with strong, straight legs, a sloped shoulder, short back, and nice round hindquarters. Her face is beautifully refined and nicely shaped, her eyes are deep hazel with golden white lashes, and her ears are beautifully shaped as well. Elle is calm and people-friendly, and very intelligent. She is going to make someone their dream horse when she gets a little older, whether you want her for riding or breeding. She already leads, ties, clips, bathes, loads, parks out, and ponies with no problems. Elle is very intelligent and picks up on everything right away.  Sold




Click the image below to view a copy of Elle's registration certificate: