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"Ice" is our outstanding double agouti cremello tobiano stallion. He is truly the "total package" when it comes to combining color with quality and performance.
Ice's genotype is ee AA CrCr nT. When bred to black, chestnut and bay mares, he can only sire buckskin or palomino offspring with a 50% chance of tobiano per foal. He can never sire a smoky black foal! 

Ice is one of (if not the) only double agouti/double dilute stallions out there with a proven performance record. He is the 2014 & 2015 SSHBEA Sport Horse World Grand Champion, 2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse of the Year, as well as a multi-time divisional WGC and WC for SSHBEA Sport Horse, a Golden Supreme Champion with SSHBEA, and a TWHBEA World Versatility Champion. 

Additionally, Ice is a laid-back stallion with an outstanding temperament and intelligence. He is frequently taken to shows, trail ridden, and is used to work cattle on our farm.ith no issues. He is naturally gaited; very square with no pace, just a super smooth 4 beat walking gait, and a natural canter. He would be an exceptional cross to square up your pacey mares so you can raise a foal that doesn't need anything "extra" to get into that comfortable, perfectly smooth gait. And, with so many TWH's needing to be taught to canter properly, Ice can put that natural canter on his foals, a beautiful 3-beat gait that is never mixed with the pace in this boy.

Ice is extremely versatile, athletic and sure footed. He is an absolutely outstanding trail mount as he handles all terrain - hills, mountains, rocks, etc. - with ease. He can ride all day and does not "burn out" on his rider. Ice has been barefoot his whole life - he has the best hooves of any horse we have ever had here on the farm. 

Ice's foals so far are extremely friendly, curious, and bold, just like their sire, with his natural 4 beat gait. All have been built very well and very keen/sharp with plenty of eye appeal and, of course, color. His 3rd foal ever and first born for us here on the farm, Iced Caramel Latte, won the 2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse Colt In Hand World Grand Championship!

If you want to produce a palomino or buckskin foal that can do more than just look pretty in the pasture, then Ice is your guy. As if he didn't already have enough to offer, it is worth noting that he is also one of the only homozygous agouti, double dilute stallions out there that is also tobiano!

2015 Stud Fee: $350 LFG

2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse World Grand Champion!

2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse 3 & 4 Year Old WGC, Stallion WGC, and 12-17 Reserve WGC

2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse Competitive Trail/Hunting World Championships
World Champions - 3&4 Year Old Competitive Trail
World Champions - Open Competitive Trail
Reserve World Champions - 3&4 Year Old Hunting

2014 SSHBEA Sport Horse World Championships:

July 24, 2014, first time at the TWHBEA World Versatility Show:

World Versatility Show Adult Pole bending Champions!!

World Versatility Show - 5th in TWH Over Fences

February 1, 2014:

January 18, 2014:

November 2013, SSHBEA Sport Horse championships:

Bareback jumping:


September 28, 2013, SSHBEA Competitive Trail/Hunting World Championships:

September 22, 2013, SSHBEA United We Stand show:

July 20, 2013:

July 1, 2013:

May 2013:


Ice as a foal

April 1, 2012:

Ice's sire, Knieval's Pusher Man:

Ice's dam, Starbuck's Main Lady:

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May 2014:

July 2013

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