Kir Royale
Eb's Wind Dancer x S.C. Mystic Mystique
Kir Royale, aka "Liam," is our homozygous champagne stallion - no matter what color mare he is bred to, 100% of his foals will be champagne. He is DNA tested to be gold champagne with one copy of the agouti (bay) gene, ee Aa ChCh, meaning he can produce all 3 shades of champagne - classic, golden, or amber. Liam's sire, Eb's Wind Dancer, was one of, if not the, most popular homozygous champagne TWH at stud until he passed away. 

Liam has an outstanding disposition, he is very sociable and gentle. His conformation is also outstanding; he is smoothly put together with a gorgeous, keen, refined Walking Horse face, great expression, short back, correct legs, and good shoulder. Liam gaits at liberty when turned out, and has a smooth as silk racking gait under saddle. He has some speed to his gait as well!

As a 2 year old last year, Liam was bred to 3 of our own mares. Every single mare he bred got in foal on one cycle! So far we strongly feel he has all the qualities needed to make a great breeding stallion. He should produce correct, sane, pretty, naturally gaited foals with the added bonus of champagne color every time.

This nice colt will be offered at public stud to a limited number of mares this year. If you want to breed a champagne foal, he is your best bet.

Offered for sale: $2000

Standing at Stud until sold
Stud Fee: $300 LFG

January 19, 2014:

January 1, 2014:



Video taken 3/9/14: