Kemmer's Smoky
Spirit of Yellowstone x Triple Copy Cat
"Smoky" is an exceptional young gelding who was raised and trained by us. He has the temperament and gaits that make a truly outstanding trail horse, and to top it off he has unique flashy color that would catch anybody's eye on the trail. 

Smoky may be the most easy-going horse you could find. He is very affectionate and will walk up to you in the field. He is calm and patient and gets along with everyone, horses and people. He won't spook at anything out on the trail - he has been ridden in the woods, on the highway and all over the back roads in our area. He will cross any obstacle, and is very willing. His gait is smooth and comfortable; it is easy to ride this horse all day. He will also go into a canter easily when asked, and stop on a dime. He is happy to dog walk on a loose rein down the trail, but is not lazy. Aside from what a pleasure he is to work with, Smoky is an easy keeper and has excellent hooves. He has always been barefoot and handles any terrain with ease.

Smoky is such a great horse because he was bred to be one. His sire is the popular cremello Spirit of Yellowstone, who is known for producing good-minded, naturally gaited offspring. This stallion comes from bloodlines that include The Gold Rush is On and Hank Williams. Smoky's dam carries the bloodlines of Paint's Rooster, Mark of Carbon, and Ebony Masterpiece.

As an added bonus, Smoky has undeniable good looks and truly unique color. He has gorgeous hazel-green eyes with black "eyeliner" and black-rimmed ears. His mane and tail are silver-black with the white "frosting" that is characteristic of buckskins. His ears are small and curvy, and he has a small, attractive head. His color changes seasonally. In the winter he has light golden mixed with black tones through his body, and silver points on his knees/hocks which turn into white stockings. He sheds out golden in the spring, then turns a light buttermilk color in the summer. No matter the season his color is beautiful!

Smoky is offered for sale at a very reasonable price. Don't expect him to last long, somebody is going to get an AWESOME little horse!


June 22, 2012:

June 23, 2012:

May 2012:

April 14, 2012

Smoky as a yearling, Winter 2010:

Smoky in October 2011, in his late summer/fall coat

Smoky's fall/early winter coat, November 2011:

Riding, October 2011

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Saddling/Bridling and mount:

Walk through tire, back up:

Open, close gate: