Hytone Wicked
Hytone's Match Maker x Hulk's Classy Lady
"Willow" is a gorgeous, well-bred, well-mannered filly. Foaled September 25, 2011, she is about to turn one year old. She has been worked a lot on the ground, and leads, ties, loads, parks out, and does trail obstacles - she will walk over a tarp, ground poles, thru a tire, step up on a stump, walk on the big boxes, over a teeter totter, etc. Willow has a great head on her shoulders with a ton more sense than most yearlings. She is extremely level-headed and easygoing, thinks the trail obstacles through. There is no rushing or spooking in this filly at all.
Willow is also very well-bred. She is a direct granddaughter of the good horse, 2XWGC and WGC producer, Hytone's Best Mark. She is line bred for the Hytone line which has put a lot of winners in the Walking and Spotted show rings. Along with her Hytone breeding top & bottom, she also has the great "Got Rox Wolf Man" on the top side of her pedigree, and Pride's Favorite & Ebony Masterpiece on the bottom.
In the field Willow displays a beautiful, natural 4 beat walking gait, is very loose moving and has plenty of stride. With her disposition and training, she would be an excellent candidate to compete in SSHBEA Sport Horse Colt in Hand/Versatility Trail Obstacle divisions. We plan to take her to the SSHBEA Sport Horse World Championship show in November if she has not sold. Her bloodlines, temperament and gait also make her an outstanding show/future broodmare prospect. The possibilities with this filly are endless.