Horses Sold

Congratulations to all the new owners on their purchases!

We have sold 155 horses to date.

Chief - SOLD!

Congrats to Michelle in Louisiana

Dottie Blue Eyes - SOLD!

Congrats to Billie in Louisiana

Knievels Painted Girl - SOLD!

Congrats to Audrey in SC

The Cat in the Hat - SOLD!

Congrats to Denise in Colorado

An American Senorita - SOLD!

Congrats to Robin in TN

Bon's Pushin Blue - SOLD!

Congrats to Paul in TX on his 5th horse from us!!

Khemosabi's Carla Jean - SOLD!

Congrats to Judy in IL

Vignette - SOLD!

Congrats to Lalana in TN

Ima Major Flirt - SOLD!

Congrats to Logan in PA

Hermie - SOLD!

Congrats to Andy in TN

Pi - SOLD!

Congrats to Callie in TN

Congrats to Lisa and Wayne in TX

Congrats to Ryan in TN

Graham - SOLD!

Congrats to the Elledges in FL 

All American Spice - SOLD!

Congrats to Paul in TX on his 3rd horse from us!

A Dark Sapphire - SOLD!
Congrats to Rick & Heather in TN

Congrats to Karen in TX

Congrats to Margo in TN

Congrats to Steve & Tammy in KY

Twix & Dove - SOLD!

Congrats to Lynn in CT

Congrats to Joyce in FL

Genette - SOLD!

Congrats to Brittney in NC

General Hector x Shehasta 2014 filly - SOLD in-utero
Congrats to Jennifer in Arkansas

Im Little-Eva - SOLD!

Congrats to Darlene in TN

Congrats to Lisa in California

Carmela - SOLD!

Congrats to Jacki in NC

Congrats to Larry in GA

Hector Zeroni - SOLD!

Congrats to Charlie in TN

Congrats to James in Georgia

General Hector x WC Lady Jazzy Cash 2013 filly - SOLD!

Congrats to Tara in TN

Ham I Am - SOLD!

Congrats to Diana in Alabama

Congrats to Martin in Germany!

Ted's No Sissy - SOLD!

Congrats to Martin in Germany!

Golden Bird In Flight RSW - SOLD!

Congrats to Tiffany in TN

Congrats to Jon in TN

Bouquet of Cash - SOLD!

Congrats to Don in Missouri

Choctaw Twister - SOLD!

Congrats to Jim in South Carolina

Congrats to Lisa in Virginia

Congrats to Becky in New York

A Spot of Jazz - SOLD!

Congrats to Susan in Ohio

Congrats to Linda & Lyman in Oklahoma on their 2nd horse from us!

Bum a Ride - SOLD!
Congrats to Kellie in FL

Congrats to Sarah in SC

Hy Tone Jazz - SOLD!

Lil Kid - SOLD!

Dakota's Bleu Lightning - SOLD!

Congrats to Maggie in Florida

Congrats to Shelley in New Mexico

Elvis - SOLD!
Congrats to Stanley in Missouri

Congrats to Reginald in Mississippi

The Creamator - SOLD!
Congrats to Heather in Michigan

Music Row - SOLD!
Congrats to Andrea in KY on her 2nd horse from us!


Congrats to Gary in TN

Congrats to Mark in GA

Congrats to Mark in GA

Ivory's Gold Star - SOLD!
Congrats to Nancy in TN

Congrats to Sue in Arizona

Congrats to Jon and Chrissy in the UK!


Buck's Liberty Lady - SOLD!
Congrats to Ralph in Arizona

I'm Marie Laveau - SOLD!
Congrats to James in TN

Cajun Belle - SOLD!
Congrats to Louann in Pennsylvania

Paint Me Cash - SOLD!
Congrats to Nancy in GA

The Star Commotion - SOLD!
Congrats to Nancy in GA

I'm the Masterpiece - SOLD!
Congrats to Adrienne in Missouri

Congrats to Gary in South Carolina

Big Time Famous - SOLD!
Congrats to Ed in KY

The Trump Card - SOLD!
Congrats to Ed in KY

Immortal Ritz - SOLD!
Congrats to Ed in KY

Congrats to Cathy in Illinois





Congrats to Nick in TN 



Levi Night Boy - SOLD!
Congrats to Debbie in TN
Congrats to David in TN
Congrats to Jessica in TN
Smoke N Cloud - SOLD!

Frilly Lily - SOLD!
Congrats to Brittanie & Aaron in TN
The Anonymous Ace - SOLD!

"Jasper" - SOLD!
Congrats to Saddlebrook Stables, Jamestown, TN!


Congrats to Linda & Lyman in Oklahoma!


Especially Extravagant - SOLD!

High Fare - SOLD!



Congrats to Mike in AL


Congrats to Mike in AL


Congrats to Shelly in FL


Congrats to Justin & family in TN



"Tia" - SOLD!

Congrats to Lorie in California 



Regulator's Johnny Reb - SOLD!

Congrats to David in TN



Sadie - SOLD!

Congrats to Zoey in Lewisburg, TN!

Caper's Rose - SOLD!

Congrats to Angela in FL

Aurora's Brut Champagne - SOLD!

Congrats to Matthew in North Carolina

Scotty - SOLD!

Congrats to Tammy in Indiana


Josefina del Cortijo - SOLD in-utero

WGC Jose' Jose' x High Fare

Congrats to Fernando Leon in the Dominican Republic!

Alen's Painted Lady - SOLD!

Congrats to Erin in GA

Little Stroker - SOLD!

Congrats Erin in GA

Extravagant Ritz - SOLD!

Congrats Andrea in KY

Color Up - SOLD!

Congrats to Clare in Connecticut 

Magic's Hank Williams - SOLD!

Congrats to Sue in Michigan

Ebony and Ivory's Charm - SOLD!

Congrats to Donna M. in Ohio



Aurora's Rare Vintage - SOLD!

Congrats to Devon W. in Centerville, TN

The Georgia General - SOLD!

Congrats to the Agees in Smithville, TN

Luck be a Lady Tonight - SOLD!

Jose' Jose' x Lucky to be a Lady

Shes Dangerous at Midnite - SOLD!

Gen's Armed and Dangerous x Pushey Midnight Driver

Jose's Top Doll - SOLD!

Jose' Jose' x Chromette

The King of Swing - SOLD!

Master of Jazz x High Fare

I'm Artemis - SOLD!

M-One Jazz x Jazzs Precious

WC Sparkling Moonshine - SOLD!

Congrats to Stephanie in Florida

Elysium - SOLD!

Congrats to Joe & Linda in North Carolina

General Kenobi - SOLD!

Congrats to Lori in TN

Miranda del Cortijo - Sold In-Utero

Congrats to Fernando Leon, Dominican Republic

Savana del Cortijo - Sold In-Utero

Congrats to Fernando Leon, Dominican Republic

Willies Revelation SOLD!

Congrats Kristina in Indiana

A Snowflake by JFK - SOLD!

Congrats to Shaina in FL

Congrats to Taylor Hanes of Shelbyville, TN

Congrats to Taylor Hanes of Shelbyville, TN
R.I.P. Apollo - we will always love & remember you

Miss Magnolia - SOLD!

Congrats to James of Decatur, AL

Unscrupulous - SOLD!

Congrats to James of Decatur, AL

Strawberries N' Creme - SOLD!

Congrats to Margaret of Martin, TN

Take it Easy - SOLD!

Congrats to Jacob of Hohenwald, TN

Santana's Design - SOLD!

Congrats to Steve of Cookeville, TN

Stevie Ray - SOLD!

Chesapeake Bay B - SOLD!

Congrats to Mary in Minnesota

Pusher's Romper Stomper - SOLD!

Congrats to Dean Dillon in TN

Copy's Handsome Kid SOLD!

Congrats to Joyce of Pasadena, MD

Shoot Yeah - SOLD!

Congrats to Laura of Lebanon, TN



Cream Queen - SOLD to Canada


Pusher's Easy Breeze - SOLD!

Congrats to Danny & Cindy Moyers of Bridgewater, VA



Dangerous Mountain Man - SOLD!

Congrats to Allison of Monticello, GA


The Gunboat - SOLD!

Congrats to Tammi of Talladega, AL



Copy's Country Clown - SOLD!



Generator's Magic Copper - SOLD!



WC  Alen's Princess Leia - SOLD!

Congrats to Jacki of VA



Dixieland's Lady Delight - SOLD!

Congrats to Gina of Lebanon, TN



I'm Elle Woods - SOLD!



Pushin the Limit - SOLD!

Congrats to Wendy in Lewisburg, TN



Alen's Star Shine - SOLD!

Congrats to Angie of Harrisville, WV



Cherry Oh Baby - SOLD!

Sold to New Hampshire