Horse Buying Policies

Please read our policies for customers before purchasing a horse from us. 

1.) We do take deposits on our horses and will hold the horse for you for as long as you are planning to purchase it in full, but we must recieve a 50% deposit in order to do so, unless you work out a payment plan with us which we both agree on.

2.) Payment in full must be recieved by us and cleared (no personal checks unless they have time to clear first) before the horse leaves our property.

3.) Upon picking up your new horse - please bring your own halter! If you will be sending a shipper to get the horse or would like us to provide a halter for any reason, we will be happy to do so for a fee of $10.

4.) We require transfer fees to be paid at time of purchase. TWHBEA transfers are $40, SSHBEA transfers are $20, and NSSHA transfers are $20. Payment for the transfer must be recieved by us before the horse leaves the property. We will take care of the transfer promptly and the papers that have been put in your name will be mailed to you directly from the association that the horse is registered with. For non-members of these associations, this will represent a savings of $60 - $160 in membership dues for you, since you must be a member of these associations to effect transfers.

5.) If your horse is going to need a health certificate and/or coggins to ship, we will be happy to make arrangements and take the horse to have this done, at buyer's expense. Each item is $30 by our vet.

6.) The buyer has 2 weeks of free board to pay for and pick up the horse. After 2 weeks from the deposit/purchase date, we charge $225/month board until the horse is paid for and/or picked up. For foals purchased before weaning, no board will be charged until the foal is weaned. If the foal is not picked up within 2 weeks of weaning, board will be charged at a rate of $10/day and/or $225/month.

7.) All sales are final. Please read and understand this - since we do not make false claims on our horses, we feel there is no reason that we should feel obliged to take them back if they do not for some reason work out for you. We are happy to answer any questions, and let you try out the horse, before the purchase is made.