is a big, handsome smoky black homozygous tobiano stud colt wearing a unique pattern of tobiano called Moroccan tobiano; he has a dark head with a white body, like his paternal grandsire, WGC Colors in General. His maternal grandsire is WGC Generator's Aurora, so it is easy to see where this colt gets his good looks!
Zero already has a ton of size and bone, an extremely keen head, neck, and ear, uniquely mixed tail, a super friendly, laid back disposition, and should be a very smooth ride as well. Both his parents are outstanding smooth gaited barefoot horses (view videos on their pages). 
Based on his size now, Zero will most likely mature close to 16hh. This boy will be smooth and flashy to trail ride or show, and with his great disposition, will be super easy to train. Zero is DNA tested to carry a cream gene, and to be homozygous for the tobiano gene. His genetic makeup is Ee aa nCr TT. If kept a stallion, Zero will only produce tobiano offspring, and can produce palomino and buckskin spots. 
Don't miss out on this quality colt, he is priced very reasonably.


September 8, 2013:

July 10, 2013

May 18, 2013

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