Generators Shades Apache
Generator's Color Guard x Renegade's Apache Queen
Generators Shades Apache, or "Geronimo" as he is more commonly known, is a really incredible 2 year old gelding. He is big (15.2hh currently, and will mature to 16hh or even a little more), handsome, well-bred, and super smooth gaited. His disposition is just about perfect. Geronimo is laid back and easy to work around, just a very well-mannered young horse. Under saddle he is motored but not hyper. You can ride him bareback or with a saddle, out alone or with a group. He doesn't do anything silly; he is all business out on the trails. He doesn't spook (at traffic, bicycles, wildlife such as deer and turkeys, litter on the side of the trail, etc.), and will ride front, middle, or back of the pack. He is light in the mouth and you can ride him in just about any bit. Geronimo is the kind of horse that has nothing but a 4-beat gait engrained in his head, so there is nothing to do on the part of the rider or the farrier to keep him going smoothly. He rides barefoot or in keg shoes. This guy is a really fun ride, he can walk and shake at a lower gear or pick up and rack - and when he does he can fly! If you want a horse with a fast saddle gear, this boy has it. However, Geronimo is also content to dogwalk on a loose rein. He has no buck, bolt, rear, etc. in him. He's just a great, honest horse who wants to please his rider. You don't find many two year olds with the maturity level of this horse. Don't let his age turn you away, come out and ride him, you won't be disappointed.
View videos of Geronimo below: