General's Storm Commander
 is a homozygous black, homozygous tobiano (EE TT) October 2013 stud colt by General Hector, out of Pusher's Star Storm. Tater's bloodlines include WGC Colors in General, WC Generators Winning Colors, Prides Generator, Gen's Major General, The Pusher, Colors Pusher Tuff, In Living Color, Paint the Town, and Ace's Witch Doctor, to name a few. Tater is marked up perfect with just the right white to black ratio. He has very balanced conformation, and a very refined/keen head and ear. He is high headed and saddles around the pasture - completely 4-beat stridey racky gait - with his head held high. He should be able to run walk or rack when under saddle. Either way he will be as smooth as silk. Should mature to around 15.1/15.2hh. If left a stallion, he will only produce black and white or bay and white foals when bred to non-dilute mares.


June 2, 2014:

March 7, 2014:

February 1, 2014:

December 2013:

October 2013: