General McCormick
General Hector x Mac's Mad Lady
"Ren" is a big, handsome stud colt foaled April 17, 2013. He is as nice as they come. He already has a ton of size and bone, and exhibits a beautiful natural gait - he is very loose moving and walky. He will mature in the 16hh range. This boy will be smooth and flashy to trail ride or show, and is also a great breeding stallion prospect. His genetics are EE aa TT (homozygous black and homozygous tobiano). Bred to any non dilute mare in the future, he will only produce black and white or bay and white tobiano foals.
Ren has an excellent pedigree, being a grandson of WGC Colors in General and WC Generators Winning Colors. Other great names on his pedigree include: Gen.'s Major General, Prides Generator (x2), Paint the Town, Ebony's Beta Max, Shadow's Spotted Alen, and Ebony Masterpiece. Ren is extremely easygoing and intelligent. He is a very in-your-pocket, people-loving horse, as most of the foals we raise are. He is easy to handle and can even be led without a halter, 
This colt is selling with TWHBEA registration and DNA complete.   

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