Foals will be posted here as they are born. All foals are available for purchase unless otherwise noted, Contact Us if you have interest in any foal listed here.

(Note: A deposit will hold any foal until weaning).



Foaled February 18, 2015
Black tobiano/sabino filly 
Ee aa nT nSB1

Elsa was born on the very coldest night of winter 2014/15, during an ice storm, so it seemed only fitting to name her after the ice queen in the movie Frozen. This is the 3rd foal from the Hector/Precious cross and the first filly, and this cross has yet to let us down. It produces a fantastic foal each time and Elsa is no exception. She is built the best, gaited the best, and very friendly. Her unique markings are just icing on the cake - she even has a medicine hat like her full brother Aiden, who was foaled in 2013.  


Black tobiano filly foaled 4/17/15

This stunning filly is a knockout! Everything about this little beauty is phenomenal. She has the beauty and presence everyone is seeking in a horse - her upright, feminine, balanced conformation is flawless! Her movement is phenomenal; she is walky, loose, and long striding. Of course this should come as no surprise, with her outstanding bloodlines. WGC Colors in General, WC Generators Winning Colors, Prides Generator, and Gen's Major General on top, out of a direct daughter of WGC The Pusher C.G. who is out of a direct daughter of WGC Ebony's Mountain Man, who is out of a mare by WGC Midnight Sun. What a pedigree full of all the greats, and lots of old blood on her dam's side. Her gorgeous markings and 50/50 black and white coloring is just icing on the cake! 


Black tobiano filly foaled 4/21/15

This is the 3rd filly from the General Hector/Shehasta cross, and they all have been knockouts! Each foal these 2 have produced has been perfectly marked, with outstanding conformation, size, and naturally walky gait. This one is no exception and, in fact, may be the nicest yet. 

Sold in-utero

General Hector x Allouette
Black tobiano filly foaled 5/12/15

Another stunning black & white tobiano filly for 2015! She is by General Hector and out of Allouette, our home-bred and raised Skywatch mare who is out of our direct Pusher C.G. daughter Chromette. This filly is the total package! She has beautiful, classic tobiano markings, and phenomenal conformation. We just love her laid back shoulder and long, beautiful, upright neck - she is built to walk, as she should be! If you are looking for a spotted foal to raise, it will be hard to beat this one. She is a standout show, trail, or broodmare prospect. Offered with TWHBEA registration application. By weaning she will lead, tie, load, bathe, handle feet, etc.



Foaled March 14, 2014
Amber champagne sabino stud colt 
Ee Aa nCh nSB1

Pi is the very first foal by our homozygous champagne stallion, Kir Royale, and we couldn't be more pleased with him. He is a super smart, friendly, well-built colt with plenty of bling, and is just as naturally gaited as they come! He is a grandson of the late Eb's Wind Dancer, one of the most well-known and popular champagne breeding stallions in the TWH breed, as well as the legend, WGC The Pusher C.G. His dam, Chromette, has been one of our most consistent producers of quality foals, and it is no surprise as she comes from a very strong maternal line of top producers (without going on to list all the show horses her dam has produced, Chromette's 2nd dam is, impressively, RWC Pride's Top Doll - who was the mother of Pusher's Doing Time). Pi will be a standout show, trail, or even breeding stallion prospect with his unique combination of natural gait, pedigree, and color (he carries both the champagne and sabino genes!). Pi is being offered with TWHBEA registration complete.



Jose' Jose' x Knievels Painted Girl
bay stud colt foaled 4/12/14

"Hermie" is a big, handsome, and very showy bay stud colt sired by Jose' Jose' and out of our very nice spotted mare Knievels Painted Girl. His dam, Helen, is a big, 15.3hh, stocky made mare with an excellent way of going. She has a big, long-striding hind end and when moved up into a gait, breaks at the knees almost like a lite shod horse, even though she is barefoot. The combination of this mare and Jose' Jose' has made a big, high headed, sharp stud colt who should be an incredible flat shod prospect, but with the potential to do more than "just" flat shod. Hermie is very leggy, with a neck that is set well onto his shoulder, a keen head and ear, short back, and strong hip. His sire and dam both have wonderful dispositions that he has inherited. This is a great chance to get a nice, bay Jose' Jose' stud colt that has the potential to be a great show and/or trail horse, at a very affordable price.

General Hector x Shehasta
black tobiano filly foaled 4/18/2014

Sold in-utero


He's Blue Blooded x Spirit's Jade
Blue Roan filly (homozygous roan!) foaled 4/20/14

Ee aa RnRn

"Bunny" is as nice as they come. She is a gorgeous, refined, keenly made filly with an outstanding pedigree, and is very naturally outgoing and intelligent. We are thrilled to have such a high quality filly that is tested homozygous for the roan gene. 

Cost a Pretty Penny

Jose' Jose' x My Colors Are CountryGold
Sorrel Tobiano filly foaled 4/24/14

"Penny" is one of 3 tobiano spotted direct Jose' Jose' daughters in existence, and the only red and white spotted Jose'. Not only that but her dam is a direct daughter of Colors Cost A Plenty. She has a wonderful build, and an outstanding natural gait in the field with a huge stride. We look forward to showing this filly and later adding her to our broodmare herd.

Will be retained for a future broodmare

A Trace of Moonlight x Buck's Velvet Lady
Buckskin Overo stud colt foaled 5/2/14

WOW is about all you can say regarding this guy! He has all the chrome you could ask for on top of being a gorgeous, rich golden buckskin color. His sire is A Trace of Moonlight, one of the premier overo stallions in the breed, and his dam is a daughter of the leading perlino sire Buck's Agouti Man by The Buck Starts Here. This colt is one of just two (known to us) frame overo buckskin stud colts in the entire TWH breed!! Besides that, you cannot ask for a better build, disposition, or natural gait than this colt has. We look for him to become even more spectacular as he grows. This guy is truly the total package, and is as unique as they come - you won't find another quite like him anywhere else. He was bred to be a natural going pleasure horse, but is also a stallion prospect deluxe.

currently available - private treaty
contact for more details

Buckskin Sabino stud colt foaled 5/3/14

This tall and very refined stud colt was foaled 5/3/14, and is a buckskin sabino sired by WC Knievals Pushin Starbucks and out of Im Little-Eva. He has the perfect touch of chrome, a modest blaze and hind stockings. His front legs will stay black and his mane/tail will be a gorgeous mix of black with white "frosting". This colt has some of the best bloodlines to be found on a buckskin anywhere. He is a direct grandson of Jose' Jose', and his second dam is a TWH WC producer. His sire is a SSHBEA WC and Supreme Champion. He should be a very naturally gaited colt smooth enough for trail, but talented enough to take to the show as well. From birth, this big guy is displaying a very curious, friendly disposition - he loves people already! This is a simply outstanding young prospect.



Buckskin Tobiano stud colt foaled 5/12/14
Ee Aa nCr nT



WC The Silver Bandit x An American Senorita
Chestnut filly foaled 5/13/14

This pretty little filly has a phenomenal pedigree. Her sire is a WC himself as well as a full brother to several other WC's (Bluegrass Bandit, Silver's Spinal Tap). Her dam is a direct daughter of WGC All American Cash and her 2nd dam is a full sister to RWC Jose's Favorita, by the great, WGC Jose' Jose'. 

Also on this filly's pedigree are WGC Silver Design, WGC Coin's Hard Cash, Gen's Major General, WGC Mark of Carbon, Prides Generator, WGC Pride's Final Edition, and WGC Pride's Grand Finale. Just off her pedigree are WGC Delight Bummin Around, Prides Gold Coin, and Pride's Stormy Night - this is one of the most interesting, diverse pedigrees I have personally ever seen. She is from a line of horses that have been successful in both flat shod and performance - I think she can go in any direction you could want.

Snap this girl up while you can - she is bred super well, and should have a wonderful disposition and natural gait if she is anything like her parents.


Black homozygous tobiano blue eyed filly foaled 6/6/14
Ee aa TT


Bay Moroccan tobiano filly foaled 10/24/14
Ee Aa nT

currently available - $800


General Hector x My Colors Are CountryGold

Foaled April 6, 2013
Buckskin homozygous tobiano blue eyed stud colt 
Ee Aa nCr ToTo   (or)   EE Aa nCr ToTo


Spur's Cool Alen x Golden Bird In Flight RSW

Foaled April 12, 2013
Perlino Filly

This well-bred perlino filly carries the extremely rare and sought-after color combination of homozygous black, homozygous agouti, and homozygous cream. This means that in the future, the only color foal she can produce is BUCKSKIN bred to ANY bay, black, or chestnut stallion. No palominos, no smoky blacks...


General McCormick

General Hector x *Mac's Mad Lady

Foaled April 17, 2013
Black homozygous tobiano stud colt 
EE aa TT

View a video here:

This big, handsome stud colt is as nice as they come. Like his sire, "Ren" already has a ton of size and bone, and is exhibiting a beautiful natural running walk gait (see video at link above). He should mature in the 16hh range. This boy will be smooth and flashy to trail ride or show, and is also a great breeding stallion prospect. Bred to any non dilute mare in the future, he will only produce black and white or bay and white foals.


Snapshot x Dakota's Little Darling

Foaled April 23, 2013
Black tobiano stud colt 

SOLD in-utero

Hector Zeroni

Foaled April 28, 2013
Smoky black homozygous tobiano stud colt 
Ee aa nCr TT

"Zero" is a big, handsome stud colt wearing a unique pattern of tobiano called Moroccan tobiano; he has a dark head with a white body, like his grandsire, WGC Colors in General. He already has a ton of size and bone, super friendly, laid back disposition, and should be a very smooth ride as well. Both his parents are outstanding smooth gaited barefoot horses. Based on his size now, Zero will most likely mature close to 16hh. This boy will be smooth and flashy to trail ride or show, and with his great dispositon, will be super easy to train. Zero has been DNA tested to be smoky black (carries a copy of the cream gene) and homozygous tobiano. If kept a stallion, he will only produce tobiano spotted offspring, and can also produce palomino or buckskin spots.


Poison x Shehasta

Foaled April 28, 2013
Black sabino stud colt 
EE aa nSB1 OR Ee aa nSB1

This big, handsome stud colt is truly one of a kind. His build is flawless, and he has just the right amount of chrome. He is absolutely bred the best; sired by WGC producer, Poison, and out of a direct daughter of Generator's Silver Dollar, he is also uniquely linebred. His sire is by WGC The Pushover, and his 2nd dam is a full sister to Pushover. Not only that, but his 2nd dam is herself the 1985 2 Year Old Mares RWC, and a multi-RWC producer. Whether you are looking for a well bred colt to potentially show or breed, or even just pleasure ride, you need to take a good look at this big, flashy boy. 



Foaled May 7, 2013
Buckskin tobiano stud colt 
Ee Aa nCr nTo

This handsome stud colt is the last of our spring 2013 foal crop, and the second who wears a unique Moroccan tobiano pattern; he has a colored head with a white body, like his grandsire, WGC Colors in General. He will have a unique and gorgeous mixed mane and tail to compliment his looks. Hammy has a keen head and ear, outstanding conformation and pedigree, and disposition/personality second to none. He really has a "look at me" attitude, and is extremely social and friendly. Both his parents are very natural, smooth gaited barefoot horses (view videos of both on their pages), and Hammy already exhibits a natural running walk at liberty. Based on his parents' size, he will most likely mature close to 15.2-15.3hh. This boy will be smooth and flashy to trail ride or show, and with his great disposition, will be super easy to train. 


Twix & Dove

Foaled September 16, 2013
Buckskin tobiano twin fillies 
Ee Aa nCr nT  OR  Ee Aa nCr TT



Foaled October 3, 2013
Black tobiano/sabino filly 
Ee aa nT nSB1  OR  EE aa nT nSB1


Foaled October 5, 2013
Black medicine hat tobiano stud colt 
Ee aa nT

"Aiden" is a big, handsome stud colt wearing a unique and perfect "medicine hat." This colt has the best pattern you will find anywhere if you like the looks of a flashy tobiano with a bald face. He is marked up great and it is so rare to have the perfect solid medicine hat with a completely white face. H
is right eye is also blue. Aiden has a lot more going for him than just his color, though - he is spectacularly bred, being by Hector out of our full sister to 2007 TWHNC WGC Master of Jazz. This colt has a ton of size, bone, and substance - he is built like a tank and will mature in the 16hh range. At liberty this colt displays a natural running walk gait with a huge back end stride, and is very loose moving. You would expect nothing less with his pedigree. Aiden has the potential to make an incredible spotted show horse, and without a doubt will be the flashiest horse on any trail ride. With his unique combination of color, pedigree, gait and conformation, he would also make a nice stallion prospect.


Foaled October 15, 2013
Black/white homozygous tobiano stud colt 
Ee aa TT or EE aa TT



Foaled November 9, 2013
Palomino tobiano filly 
ee Aa nCr nT

This striking palomino tobiano filly is as classy as they come! She has gorgeous markings and will stand out in any crowd. Her conformation is beautifully balanced and very feminine. Carm has a very inquisitive personality and is extremely intelligent. She displays a beautiful 4 beat gait in the pasture; she will be as smooth as silk under saddle. Her pedigree is fantastic as well; her sire is a multi-titled SSHBEA Sport Horse with Pusher C.G. and Spirit of Evil Knieval (Wonder Liz) bloodlines, and her dam a direct daughter of the late, great Gen's Major General (sire of Jose' Jose'). This filly also has an exceptionally strong maternal line, as her 2nd dam produced WC Our American Eagle, and her 3rd dam produced WGC Gen's Silver Lining (dam of Lined with Cash). As Carm also carries an agouti gene, she has the potential to not only be a phenomenal trail/show mount but a broodmare later to produce buckskin, palomino, and spotted foals with an exceptional strength of pedigree.



"Tia" (# pending)

Foaled 3/28/2012
Palomino (no markings) Filly

"Tia" is a gorgeous, solid palomino filly with incredible bloodlines and plenty of character! She is a tall, leggy, feminine filly with a beautiful dark-toned coat. She should mature to be a darker shade of palomino. She is sired by our late stallion, Regulator, who is a proven producer of big, well-built, well-gaited, and easy to train foals. Through her sire, Tia carries the well-respected bloodlines of Bud England/Fluid Gold (Royal Ivory's full brother), Ebony Masterpiece and Pride's Favorite, as well as the champagne horse Faye's Solid Gold. Tia's dam is a direct daughter of WGC He's Puttin' on the Ritz, with her second dam directly by WGC Coin's Hard Cash and her 3rd dam directly by WGC Threat's Supreme. This little filly is the entire package!!

view Tia's pedigree: CLICK HERE

Champagne & Pearls (#21200211)  

*Regulator x Simply Stellar

Foaled 3/29/2012
Gold Cream Homozygous Champagne with blaze Filly
(ee aa nCr ChCh)

"Pearl" is the most adorable, affectionate little filly. She is sired by our late stallion, Regulator, who is a proven producer of big, well-built, well-gaited, and easy to train foals. Through her sire, Pearl carries the well-respected bloodlines of Bud England/Fluid Gold (Royal Ivory's full brother), Ebony Masterpiece and Pride's Favorite, as well as the champagne horse Faye's Solid Gold. Pearl's dam is our mare Simply Stellar, who is one of only 3 mares produced by the WGC Generator's Aurora. Pearl's second dam is directly by Glen Hope Gold Rush. Pearl's bloodlines also go back to Brooke's Class Act, My Magic Marker, and The Delight Hytone on her dam's side. Top all that off with Pearl's unique color genetics - she is one of the few homozygous champagnes in the breed and carries a cream gene as well! This well-bred, colorful little filly is sure to be one to watch as she matures.

view Pearl's pedigree: CLICK HERE

Pearl will not be offered for sale

"Sadie"  (# pending)  

General Hector x Shehasta

Foaled 4/15/2012
Black Tobiano Filly (E? aa nT)

This strikingly beautiful filly is undoubtedly one of the most well-bred tobiano TWH's in existence. Sired by our impeccably bred homozygous stallion, General Hector, this filly's grandsires include SSHBEA WGC Colors in General and WC/RWGC Generator's Silver Dollar. Both of her grandmothers are also noteworthy. Sadie's paternal grand dam is WC Generators Winning Colors, the first spotted TWH to win a World Championship at the National Celebration. Her maternal grandmother (2nd dam) is the great TWH mare Pusher's Class Act, who is a full-sister to WGC The Pushover as well as a proven producer of performance show horses (including RWC Ada2d).

To go along with her bloodlines, this filly has gorgeous markings, excellent conformation, a beautiful refined head and curvy ears. Her disposition is also exceptional; she has no fear for people, just curiosity and friendliness. At 3 days old, she will approach a person in the field asking for scratches and to say hello.

Finally, this filly surely possesses the talent she was bred for. She is loose-moving with a huge stride to her. She should be natural going with a bit of swing from her performance bred dam, and a huge back-end stride (which she already exhibits moving at liberty). Sadie is a spotted show prospect deluxe.

to view Sadie's pedigree: CLICK HERE


A Specialist x *Copy's Glowing Delight

Foaled 4/22/2012
Black colt - star, snip, off hind sock

Wow!! Logan is a big, stocky colt that is all Walking Horse. Sired by WGC A Specialist (and one of the last by this great horse, who is now gelded), he is also the LAST foal out of our direct daughter of WGC GLL's Carbon Copy. This colt's pedigree is rich with old-time Walking blood, and completely free of any Pride or Pusher influence. His unique pedigree, classic Walking Horse conformation and disposition, and loose, natural way of going make Logan an exceptional prospect. He has potential to add superior quality to the breed and would make an exceptional breeding stallion later on, with the potential to be a top-notch outcross to many of the industry's mares. Take a good look at this outstanding colt, you won't find another one like him anywhere.

to view Logan's pedigree: CLICK HERE 


  Midnight at the Ritz x Motown's Devil Woman 

Foaled 4/24/2012
Black filly - star, snip, both hind socks

"Alaine" is a French name that means "beautiful." Nothing could be a better fit or this beautiful little girl! Alaine has exquisite conformation, and is very feminine. Her markings are unique and add just enough flash to make her stand out. Alaine's pedigree is very impressive - she is a direct granddaughter of WGC He's Puttin on the Ritz and WGC Motown Magic, with WGC Coin's Hard Cash, WGC The Pusher, and Pride's Royal Master influences as well; not only that, her sire is a WC and her dam a WC producer. In fact,  Alaine is a 3/4 sister to 2010 WC/RWGC Racking Horse, Sherwin Williams (Ted Williams x Motown's Devil Woman). Not too shabby! Undoubtedly, this filly is bred to excel. Our favorite thing about this beautiful little girl, though, is her exceptional disposition. She is very friendly, curious, and outgoing, with a head full of sense. Both her parents are outstanding in the disposition department, and they clearly passed on a lovely temperament to this filly. 

to view Alaine's pedigree: CLICK HERE 

Big Time Famous (#21200092)
*Futurity Nominated*

The Titleist x Lucky to be a Lady

Foaled 4/24/2012
Chestnut stud colt - blaze, both hind socks

"Calvin" is a big, strapping colt by the leading sire in the TWH industry - The Titleist. What will really make this colt stand out, though, is not his famous sire or his unique and flashy markings, but his incredible maternal line.  His dam is a direct daughter of WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous, and his second dam is the one and only Lady Fame - dam of The Skywatch and WGC Pride's Jubilee Encore. It is not every day you find colts bred like this, and with Titleist offspring in high demand, Calvin is one to look twice at.

Calamity Jade (#21200318)
*Futurity Nominated*

WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous x WC/RWGC Lady Jazzy Cash

Foaled April 30, 2012
Black filly, star and 4 socks

Jade is a beautiful, friendly filly that is one of the best flat shod prospects you are going to find. Sired by one of the leading producers of flat shod horses, WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous, and out of our WC and RWGC country pleasure show mare Lady Jazzy Cash (the most natural Walking Horse we have ever trained), Jade is bred to be a natural walking machine. Not only that, but take a look at her pedigree. Two of the best crosses to Armed are Coin's Hard Cash and The Pusher C.G. - you'll notice that Jade's dam is a granddaughter of both. This filly has the classic Armed build - she is super sharp. She also has an outstanding disposition and is naturally very friendly, like her dam. This filly is a great prospect for anyone looking for a very talented show prospect that is natural enough for them to potentially train themselves.

view her pedigree HERE

currently for sale - priced to sell at $1500

  Lined with Cash x Immortal Ritz 

Foaled May 5, 2012
Black (with grey modifier) stud colt

This awesome little colt has everything you could look for in one package. He is bred to the hilt, being sired by the great Lined with Cash and out of a direct daughter of WGC He's Puttin on the Ritz (one of the top crosses in the industry). Not only that, but both Lined with Cash and Immortal Ritz are out of WGC mares themselves (WGC Gen's Silver Lining and WGC Immortal Generator), making this colt's pedigree particularly strong. Donald is a long striding and loose moving colt, as you would expect. He is extremely sharp with a short back, neck that comes straight up out of his shoulders, and a gorgeous Arabian-like head and curvy ears. Not only that, but he is going to be grey! He has all the talent and potential in the world. In just a few years he will be a gorgeous, show stopping young stud with a beautiful dappled grey coat walking and shaking his way around the Celebration ring, just as his sire, both grandsires and both grand-dams have done before him.

view his pedigree HERE

Jose' Jose' x High Fare  

Foaled May 5, 2012
Chestnut filly, star and snip


*Regulator x Object of my Affection 

Foaled May 12, 2012
Palomino stud colt, no markings

Elvis is a very handsome, talented colt who doesn't know he's a palomino! He has all the talent in the world to be a competitive flat shod prospect. Of course, you could argue he's bred for it; out of a former lite shod show mare who is a direct daughter of the great Gen.'s Major General (sire of Jose' Jose', among others), Elvis has a maternal line second to no other dilute Tennessee Walking Horse. His 2nd dam is Ebony's Affection, who is not only the dam of WC Our American Eagle but is also out of the great mare Eldorado's Star Dust. This dam line is one of the most influential in the breed's history, having produced countless World Champions, WGC's and Reserve WC's including (but certainly not limited to) RWGC Lined with Cash, WGC Silverado Spirit, and WGC Gen's Silver Lining. Whew!

Besides the breeding of his maternal family, Elvis's sire is our late stallion Regulator. On the top side of his pedigree he carries the influences of Ebony Masterpiece (x3), Pride's Favorite, Bud England, and Fluid Gold (full brother to Royal Ivory). Regulator was a big, well-built, correct moving stallion with a lot of stride and a great disposition; all traits he passed on to Elvis. This little guy is extremely friendly and intelligent.

If you're looking for an awesome trail or even flat shod show or breeding stallion prospect (where else would you find something to add color to your herd along with talent and pedigree like this?), Elvis is your guy. He is offered with TWHBEA registration and DNA completed.


Foaled May 25, 2012
Gold Champagne Tobiano stud colt, w/ Star

This little guy is the definition of "fancy"! A handsome, perfectly marked champagne tobiano is hard to find, let alone one with this little man's bloodlines. His bloodlines on the top include Shadow One More Time, Paint's Landlord, Rock & Roll's Elvis (Rock & Roll Star), and Rainbow Powered. Toby's own dam is a direct daughter of WGC Pride's Jubilee Star, and is out of a daughter of Pride's Gold Coin. His 3rd dam is by WGC Sun's Delight D. Hard to beat on even a plain black or chestnut!!
Both Toby's sire and dam are extremely well-gaited; walky and naturally 4-beat gaited. This colt will be a show stopper on the trails or would make an awesome spotted show prospect. This colt has endless potential.



*Regulator x Dottie Blue Eyes

Cremello stud colt foaled June 18, 2012

ee Aa CrCr



General Hector x Chromette

 Foaled October 1, 2012

Black tobiano/sabino filly, blue eyes



 Hector Berlioz

General Hector x Music Row

   Foaled October 10, 2012

Black tobiano stud colt

 Fancy White Boy

General Hector x The Color of Pride

  Foaled October 13, 2012

Black tobiano/sabino stud colt

A Spot of Jazz

General Hector x Jazzs Precious

  Foaled October 14, 2012
Black tobiano stud colt


* = deceased