Equine Color Consulting Services

    We all know how expensive color testing can be, especially when you don't know where to start. We pride ourselves here at Heaven's Gait for being well-versed on the knowledge of equine color genetics. This knowledge has come from much studying via books, the internet, and even college courses. Because of how much money we have saved on color testing through this knowledge, we have decided to open this service to the public so that you too can get away with spending as little as possible on your color testing.


   A little about our service:

We start with phenotype (the appearance of the horse), getting an idea of which color genes the horse may or may not carry. Then, we research the horse's genetic background via its pedigree, and its production record if that is available. We know many of the popular lines - performance, pleasure, and color - and what colors they carry and tend to produce. Based on these factors and plenty of prior knowledge with this process, we have been able in the past to eliminate as many as  4 color tests - that is a savings of up to $100 at the cheapest genetic testing labs - and still know our horses' genotype. For a flat rate of $10, we will tell you the parts of your horses' genotype we are sure of and what you should test for to fill out the rest.

Here is an example of how this may work. Start with this filly:

Based on her phenotype, we were positive she carried champagne, positive she had a black base, and nearly positive she also carried cream and a copy of the modifying gene, agouti. 
After researching her pedigree and going out to view her sire in person, we determined that we were positive her genotype was Ee ?? nCh nCr . After testing for agouti, we know that she is an amber cream champagne - Ee Aa nCh nCr

Our color testing expenditure was low - only $25 for one test - but imagine if we had tested her for every gene! 

Knowing your horse's genotype if you are looking to breed is very important, particularly if you strive to produce a certain color. For example, if you were looking to produce a smoky cream (with or without champagne) out of the filly above, you know what you have to start with and thus what you need to look for in a stallion to maximize your chances of the desired color. If I were seeking to produce a smoky cream from this filly, I would know that a stallion with a genotype of EE aa CrCr or something as similar to that as possible would give me the greatest chance of producing a smoky cream. If my filly were Ee AA nCh nCr, I would know there was no possible way she would ever produce a smoky cream and would then begin looking at different ways to produce my smoky cream.

If you have any questions on which stallions or mares would be best to match with your horse to produce a particular color, this information will also be provided for the $10 you pay for our services. These suggestions will be based solely on color, however we will be glad to add notes on how we feel personally about the quality of a particular horse based on our observations of conformation, gait, and pedigree.

Payment is accepted via PayPal or a check mailed to this address:

2570 Phillips Road
Lewisburg, TN 37091

and made payable to Margaret LaFlamme.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Please send us an e-mail via the Contact Us link if you have any questions about this service or are interested in using it.

Please check out our Equine Color Genetics page for a basic breakdown on most of the equine coat colors and patterns found in Tennessee Walking Horses.