(WGC) Pusher's High Voltage - Motown's Devil Woman, by Motown Magic

"Elise" is a gorgeous filly foaled 3/25/2011. Sired by WGC Pusher's High Voltage, a direct son of WGC The Pusher, and out of our mare Motown's Devil Woman, who is directly by WGC Motown Magic, this filly has exceptional bloodlines. Her pedigree also includes noteworthy names such as WGC Coin's Hard Cash, Pride's Royal Master, Prides Generator, and WGC Ebony Masterpiece. Additionally, her dam has been a consistent producer of show horses including the 2010 Racking Horse 2 Year Old Stallions WC and 2 Year Old RWGC, Sherwin Williams.

Elise's conformation, temperament, and gait are as awesome as her pedigree, and her flashy color is just the icing on the cake. This little filly is very well put together, with good solid conformation - she is sturdy without appearing bulky. In the field Elise does a 4-beat, correct, head-nodding gait at liberty. Her disposition comes as no surprise to us; her dam is one of our best trail riding mares, laid-back and suitable for beginners to ride. Elise is just like her momma, and simply adores human attention. She is very curious, always wanting to know what you are doing, and is also extremely intelligent and a quick learner with a willing personality. 

Elise's registered name had to be as special as she is. In Greek mythology, Elysium was a section of the Underworld. The Elysian Fields were the final resting places of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous - sort of like Heaven is today. We found this name to be not only beautiful and fitting for little Elise, but also fitting for her parents' names. Her dam's registered name, Motown's Devil Woman, clearly has ties to the Underworld concept. Elysium is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, according to Wikipedia. This tidbit of information on the origin of the word ties in beautifully with her sire's name, Pusher's High Voltage.

As you can see, Elise has the bloodlines, temperament, conformation and natural gait to excel in any discipline, be it as a show horse, a future broodmare, or a trail horse. She has had groundwork done and leads, ties, loads, clips, stands for her feet to be handled, fly sprays, and parks out. She will be completely competent in all these tasks as well as various others, such as bathing, by the time she is weaned. She will also be double registered TWHBEA and NSSHA. Our plans are to show her in NSSHA as long as we have her following weaning.


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