The Georgia General

General Hector - Dottie Blue Eyes, by Georgia Firewalker
"Dirk" is an outstanding bay tovero stud colt foaled 6/21/2011. He has beautiful conformation and a personality out of this world. He is one of the friendliest and most laid back foals we have raised - looking at his parents, this is no surprise! He has also proven to be an extremely quick learner in his first few imprinting sessions. At his young age Dirk is fearless and will follow you around his stall. He yields all 4 legs willingly, and the bedding bag coming into his stall and being shaken gets no greater reaction than perked ears. Like all our imprint trained foals, Dirk responds to pressure on the neck to turn on the haunches, and pressure in his flank to turn on the forehand. He also backs willingly. He has been one of, if not the, easiest foal to teach these things!
Dirk comes from some excellent spotted bloodlines as well. His pedigree features WGC Colors in General (grandsire), WC Generators Winning Colors (granddam), WGC producer Georgia Firewalker (grandsire), Prides Generator (x3), Gen's Major General, The Pusher, Colors Cost a Plenty, Paint the Town (x2), and Paint's Rooster. Additionally, his dam, Dottie Blue Eyes, was a SSHBEA Sport Horse WC as a 2 year old.

Dirk's genotype reads Ee Aa TT - he will be able to produce black, bay, or chestnut tobianos when bred to solid non-dilute mares


Pictures below taken September 17, 2011. Click to view full-size image.

Pictures below taken 7/5/11. Click to view full-size image.

below pictures of Dirk taken on his first day outside, at 3 days old. Click to view full-size images.

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Video of Dirk taken at 2 weeks old: