Copy's Country Clown

A Flashy Copy x Go Boy's Country Queen

Copy's Country Clown, aka "Clown," is a 15.1hh, 4 year old, strawberry roan overo Tennessee Walking Horse gelding foaled 05/28/05. He is a deep, shiny, true "red roan" color with a lighter body and darker face, complimented wonderfully with a flaxen mane and tail, three stockings and a blaze. Clown is one of the most laid back horses we have here at our ranch; he is (almost) always calm, cool, and collected, in all types of scenarios. He is a fantastic riding horse and, aside from having a smooth gait with an exceptional back-end, has a great canter and knows how to neck rein. Clown, like most of our other horses, has been ridden on all types of trails/terrain, from woods to open fields to highways. He has had experience riding with all the wildlife we have here on our 134 acre property, such as deer, turtles, rabbits, and turkeys. Clown crosses water/mud/ditches, jumps logs, and even knows how to slide to a stop, from a canter or gallop, in a single stride. As the test we put all of our horses to, Clown has been asked to walk across, jump over, and drag tarps. With his calm manner he picked that up right away. Clown stands to be saddled and mounted, and will stop and stand quietly with you on his back or on the ground leading him. His manners on the ground and under saddle are nearly perfect, his color is awesome, his gait is fantastic, and his pedigree goes back to several great horses such as WGC Ebony's True Grit, WGC Ebony Masterpiece, Shadow's Spotted Alen, and Ebony's Excalibur. If you are looking for your next lifelong companion, for show or for trail, come out and take a look at Clown.



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