Billy Dean Anderson
Rebel's Mountain Man x Misty On My Mind
"Tanner" is as awesome a trail horse as anyone could ask for. Standing 14.3hh at 4 years old and registered NSSHA, Tanner is named for a notorious Tennessee mountain man, and outlaw - but he couldn't be further from his namesake. Tanner is a sweet, easygoing young gelding that anyone could fall in love with. He has a very cooperative, willing attitude; he's very easy to get along with. He has many trail miles, having been ridden all over the big trail systems in TN, as well as our local trails and country roads. He has also been ridden on the highway. Nothing seems to bother him, and he balks at nothing. Tanner handles jumping logs, riding through brush, creek beds, mud, and about anything else you could think of like a true "mountain man." He rides with a beautiful, natural head set, and will go in any bit. He is a favorite of ours to put beginners on, but he is not lazy! If you ask him to lope or gallop, he will do so without hesitation. Tanner's gait is consistently smooth, and he can perform the running walk, rack, or fox trot depending on how he is ridden. These gaits are all natural to him and he will stay in a smooth saddle gear even with a beginner riding - no special bits/shoes necessary. In fact, Tanner is barefoot and has excellent hooves. Even riding on the road without shoes does not bother him. He has excellent ground manners, and will stand tied all day, is easy to catch, and stands to saddle/bridle/mount. Tanner's personality is very laid back, easygoing, and he is extremely agreeable.
If you're looking for a horse that will stand out in a crowd and is easy to ride, with an awesome disposition and natural gaits, you've found him!
View videos of Tanner below: