Becky's Golden Trixie J.S.
Pride's Trigger Happy x Becca's Proud Becky, by Evil's Stuntman
"Trixie" is  an outstanding mare who we are thrilled to have the opportunity to own. She has the necessary traits of a Walking Horse - a wonderful disposition, and a silky smooth gait - as well as the bonuses we look for such as color and size. This gorgeous mare is a striking palomino tobiano, and marked up beautifully. Additionally, she stands a measured 16hh. That kind of height is not easy to come by in the Tennessee Walking Horse breed!
Trixie's conformation is awesome. She is very balanced with a lot of substance and overall is very pleasing to the eye.
Additionally, her pedigree is awesome. Horses such as The Flying Colors, Bob's Beaucoup Boy, Another Masterpiece, Pride of Midnight, and Spirit of Evil Knieval grace her papers. Her dam is a direct daughter of the good horse Evil's Stuntman, and her 3rd dam is the famous spotted mare, Wonder Liz.
As mentioned, Trixie has an awesome temperament. She is a gentle giant and a complete sweetheart. She has the kind of "kid safe, beginner friendly" temperament that has made her breed so popular. Her gait under saddle is very square, racky, and smooth as silk. She can also get up a ton of speed and just FLY in her gait, with no hand on the rein or special shoes needed!
Trixie foaled twin fillies by General Hector in September 2013, and is in foal to WGC Yankee Wolf for a spring 2015 foal.


 Winter 2012:
View a video of Trixie below: