Aurora's Brut Champagne
The First Aurora GGF - Priceless Champagne, by Glen Hope Gold Rush
"Brut" is a handsome cream champagne tobiano gelding foaled in April of 2009. He is a full brother to Aurora's Rare Vintage, who we also raised and trained. Brut's bloodlines include model champions The First Aurora GGF and Generator's Aurora, the legendary Prides Generator, My Magic Marker, and Glen Hope Gold Rush (dam-sire). He was bred to be a well-made, natural going horse with a great temperament and that is what he is!
Brut's sire is a cremello tobiano and his dam is a solid gold cream champagne. His full brother "Vinnie" is a gold cream champagne tobiano, just like the boys' 3/4 sister Simply Stellar, who is our personal riding/broodmare. However, Brut is significantly lighter colored than both his siblings, and we believe he actually carries an extra cream gene, making him a cremello champagne. This means he looks practically solid white almost all the time! But, who doesn't love a big white horse? He also has the clear baby blue eyes going for him.
Brut stands just over 15hh at 2 1/2 years old, and the leg trick says he should mature at a solid 15.2hh. He has very functional conformation - including an extremely laid-back shoulder, correct legs and good length to his hip. He has excellent bone and will have good substance as well when he finishes filling out. With his size and substance he will make a great riding horse for almost any size rider, and will be able to hold up to a lot of work. He also has an outstanding disposition; he is extremely laid-back and has a temperament suitable to put just about any level rider on his back. He is very trustworthy out on the trails, and really takes care of his rider. He will ride in the front or back of the pack, neck reins, backs willingly, crosses mud/water and is easy enough to maneuver that his rider can even open a gate from his back.
Brut has had extensive ground training as a yearling over obstacles such as ground poles, tarps, platforms, and cat walks. He also will step up on a stump and park out from the ground.
Brut has a big long-striding, smooth gait. This guy can really cover some ground!! He is walky and shaky in a flatwalk but ask him to and he can move into a much quicker, racky gait. He has a great head set and with his big stride, he also has the potential to make a good show horse in the trail/pleasure divisions.


Pictures below taken September 17, 2011. Click to view full-size image.