Alen's Shaker Lady

Alen's Shadowman - Master's Shaker Lady, by Masterpiece of Ebony
This gorgeous, well-bred, affectionate mare is a welcome addition to our broodmare herd here at Heaven's Gait. She is a bay/white tobiano with beautiful markings, and her conformation is absolutely perfect. She is put together beautifully and has the most gorgeous neck one could ask for on a horse! Her movement is also fantastic, with a nice long stride and correct movement in her hind end. Her sire is Alen's Shadowman, who is not only double-bred Shadow's Spotted Alen (one of the greatest spotted sires - he was the sire of the legendary Spotted Alen Again), but is himself the sire of WGC producer Alen's Caper. On her dam's side, she has WGC Ebony Masterpiece as well as WGC Mack K's Handshaker, both of which will go on her foals' papers, as well as WGC Merry Go Boy. 

~~Sale Pending~~