Alen's Cool Vienna
Spur's Cool Alen x Golden Bird in Flight RSW
"Lily" is a very classy filly who carries a genetic combination that is extremely rare and sought after by breeders. She is a homozygous black, homozygous agouti perlino, which means she can ONLY produce buckskins when bred to ANY bay, black, or chestnut stallion. Or, use her to breed for a stud colt with these same genetics so you can stand your own buckskin producer.

This filly is super well bred, with Spotted Alen Again 2X, Pride's Dark Spirit, Blue Gold, Spur's Cool Whip, and The Last Gold Chance on her papers. Her second dam is the good producing mare Golden Cream Bird, dam of popular perlino breeding stallion Buck's Agouti Man. Lily is also well put together, and very naturally gaited.

There are only a handful of horses in the breed with these color genetics. You won't find another one anywhere else. If you are wanting to breed buckskins, this filly is what you need. 


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