2010 Stud Fee Giveaway

In 2010 we will be giving away 2 stud fees to General Hector! 

Attn: Entry deadline for both contests will be February 14, 2010, VALENTINE'S DAY! Get your entries in quick!

Thanks to everyone who has entered - we have some really nice looking mares and it's going to be tough to choose!!

In order to promote our awesome stallion and put some of Hector's foals on the ground and in the show rings, we are going to be giving away 2 FREE stud fees for the 2010 season. Here is how it will work:

The first free stud fee will go to the applicant by which we are most impressed. We will research your mare's pedigree and production/show records (if she has any) and choose the mare who we think will cross the best with Hector.
The second free stud fee will be chosen by a raffle.

>>To enter the first contest, all you need to do is send us an e-mail with as much information as you can about your mare. Here are some pieces of information we would like to receive in your email application to enter this first contest. **Upon entering this contest you will automatically be entered into our raffle contest as well. If you'd like to opt out of being in the raffle contest, please let us know.**

1.) Mare's registered name/number

2.) Association(s) (if any) mare is registered with

3.) What stands out about her - does she have outstanding conformation, color, gait? 

4.) Show record? 

5.) Any noteworthy offspring to date?

6.) Owner/applicant's info: Name, Phone Number, Email Address
>>If you would like to enter the raffle and not the other contest, please send us an email with your name, phone number, email address, and the registered name/number of the mare you plan to use the breeding on, and specify that you want to be entered in only the raffle.

We will be contacting the winners on March 1, 2010. Please visit General Hector's page to get information on him, and to view our breeding contract. The breeding contract will need to be filled out and sent to us before your free stud fee is used.