"Pearl" is a gorgeous filly sired by our late stallion Regulator and out of our mare Simply Stellar. This filly is intelligent, curious, and a complete sweetheart! She absolutely loves people and is one of the friendliest foals we've had. She is also well-built and very naturally talented. She gaits beautifully in the field at liberty, and has since she was less than a week old.
Pearl's sire was known for his ability to produce big, beautiful, well-gaited and easygoing foals. Her dam is one of our best trail riding mares. We expect this filly to be a truly outstanding horse as she matures.
Pearl's color is gold cream homozygous champagne. She has been DNA tested and her genetic makeup is ee aa nCr ChCh. With these genetics, she will only be able to produce champagne and cream champagne offspring. We are ecstatic to have this beautiful filly, who is top quality in every respect and nothing short of a genetic goldmine. Pearl will be retained to be a wonderful riding horse and future broodmare for us.